Thanksgiving week is at hand.  If you’re cooking turkey you’d better order it today.   It’s also a good idea to shop for your Thanksgiving items now.  

Many people celebrate this feast day by dividing up the cooking duties.  Splitting up the essential elements of the Thanksgiving dinner will make final dinner preparations simpler, so feel free to assign different participants portions of the meal. Sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes or extras like cranberries, rolls, relish trays or desserts are good to suggest to others. There also may be dinner guests who feel most comfortable working on the clean-up crew after dinner. It’s good to get kitchen clean-up organized as well.

Your grocery lists are included for Thanksgiving cooking if you’re doing dinner.
Tomorrow you’re cooking delicious Adzuki Beans.  Pick them up today as well.

Menus and shopping lists for
November 21-27 and November 28 – December 4

Another great week of dining lies ahead.  It’s time to plan ahead and create your grocery orders.

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